Handke etui til pen

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Handke etui til din yndlings fyldepen eller kuglepen. 

Handke etui til din yndlings fyldepen eller kuglepen. Håndlavet i skind. Kan indeholde 1 pen- maks længde 14,50 cm

Om Sonnenleder

Since 1986 Sonnenleder has reverted proudly to traditional processes to tan and fashion marvelous small men’s accessories out of precious leather. Only German cowhide is used and the tanning procedure limits ingredients to natural vegetable and botanical sources. This keeps the leather fresh and fragrant, leaving no question that it is a natural material made from a living being. The treatment of the leather is ecologically proper, and allows for the leather owner to freely handle and create a deepening patina without fear of exposure to harsh chemicals or dangerous solvents. 

Format15,5 x 2,5 x 1,5 cm
MaterialeLeather from South German cowhides, tanned with purely plant-based substances, traditionally tanned in pits.