Out in the Open - Malene Landgreen Projects 2003-2013

Af Malene Landgreen

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Out in the Open - Malene Landgreen projects 2003-2013. 

The painting is folded out from the wall; the wall is folded out into the space. The conception of another space inside the space, which is a part of the art but also a part of the house, a part of the street, a part of life. The potential space, which is adumbrated in the shifting between light and dark in the painting's and the wall’s surfaces and the time that it takes the senses and the body to understand.
The space that is folded around both viewer and work, in a game of possibilities that is not redeemed until the viewer steps into the space. The work becomes gestated upon the viewer's entry and the potential is designated within the contours of a game, where the reciprocal work-, viewer- and artist- relationships manifest themselves as tangible interchanges, transpiring right on the spot.


Potential Spaces
A Conversation with Malene Landgreen
By Katya Sander

To Place Yourself In The Eye Of The Storm
By Vibeke Petersen

"I believe that art is recording, I think it's reporting"
By Thorbjørn Bechmann

Unruly life is: Form, Color, Movement
By Naja Marie Aidt

The Three-Dimensional Canvas
Malene Landgreen's scale installations in the art institutional context
By Maria Gadegaard

Tour de Force
By Carsten Juhl

ForfatterMalene Landgreen
Format32 x 23 cm
ForlagNew in the World
IndbindingSoft cover