By Ida Engholm og Anders Michelsen

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Panton. Monograph about the Danish architect and designer Verner Panton. Richly illustrated. 

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Panton. Danish language edition.

Ida Engholm (Associate Professor at the Institute of Visual Design) and Anders Michelsen (Associate Professor at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen) have written the recently published book, Verner Panton – A Monograph. The book describes Verner Panton’s colourful oeuvre and provides a rare glimpse of Panton’s private photo album.

Verner Panton (1916-1998) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in 1951, and was one of a great generation of Danish designers and architects. Wegner, Kjærholm and Børge Mogensen were his contemporaries. However, whereas they worked with wood and natural materials in subdued colours, Panton preferred plastic, steel, foam rubber and other synthetic materials – and the brightest of bright colours. Whereas his colleagues cultivated traditional craftsmanship, Panton was determined to create industrially manufactured products, directly for a mass market.

AuthorIda Engholm og Anders Michelsen
ISBN 9788792949578
PublisherStrandberg Publishing
BindingHard cover
Page count352