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Udkommer i august - Forudbestil nu! Hammershus Besøgscenter - Arkitema /Harlang. Det nye Hammershus Besøgscenter er tegnet af Arkitema og Christoffer Harlang. Bygningen, som spændstigt og diskret indskriver sig i landskabet omkring den gamle borgruin, er et sjældent eksempel på et moderne gesamtkunstwerk.

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Publication in August - preorder now! Cancer Care Center - Nord Architects. Om Nord Architects projekt Cancer Care Center, som er skabt med udgangspunkt i brugerne med det formål at skabe en enestående arkitektonisk ramme, der kan bidrage til lindring i meget svære behandlingsforløb – en helende arkitektur.

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Publication in October-November 2020 - preorder now! Wellfare Architecture for All - C.F. Møller Architects - How can architecture enable better socialising, living, working, learning and healing? This book will aim to answer those questions.

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Expected publication in December 2020. Architecture in Effect. A substantial collection of essays emerging from the Swedish research environment of the same name. While it takes its point of departure from within the specific context that is Sweden, it includes contributions from authors based in the Nordic context, in the United Kingdom, Europe and the...

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The City by the Sea. Publication in June - preorder now!

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Skovtårnet - The Forest Tower - Publication in May 2020. The book is a comprehensive documentation of one of the most talked about and award winning buildings in Danish architecture right now.

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Architecture in the Knowledge era - 3XN/GXN. New publication from The Danish Architectural Press. Publication in spring 2020. Preordrer now! 

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Publication February 2021 - preorder now! Kengo Kuma: My Life as an Architect in 25 Buildings is an intimate and truly inspiring book, revealing the beauty that exists in the world’s everyday spaces.

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Publication in September! Luxury for Every One - Milestones in European Stepped Terrace Housing. Publication in April - preorder now!

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BIG. Formgivning. Expected publication in September - Preorder now! 

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My Book - Svein Tønsager. Cracks, Hinges & Xfoliation about the dynamic and visionary Norwegian architect - the driving force behind the creation of a wide international network of architects who constantly explored the possibilities of architecture through exchanges, lectures, debates, dialogues and friendships. Articles by Michael Sorkin, Christine...

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