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DKK 180

Architecture and colonialism. While the last issue 09 2017 was dedicated to the seminal work of Édouard Glissant, inscribed throughout the pages of this present one is the influence of another Martiniquais: Frantz Fanon.

DKK 180

The third installment of a trilogy about the territorialities and architectures of colonialism and postcolonialism.

DKK 180

Racialised Incarceration. Funambulist’s 12th issue intends to illustrate how the violence of colonial and structural forms of racism endure time and materialize in space.

DKK 180

Queers, Feminists & Interiors presents a critique of the normative violence of gender in the specific context of indoor architectures.

DKK 180

Toxic Atmospheres consists in a different approach to space and bodies to the strictly physical one usually described in The Funambulist. The toxicity described throughout its pages are the atmospheric conditions of colonialism, imperialism, and/or capitalism.

DKK 549

BIG 2013-2019 AV Monographs 211-212. The monograph presents 35 works and designs drawn up since 2013, including the Maritime Museum of Denmark in Helsingør, the VIA 57 West residential building in New York, the LEGO House in Billund, the Amager waste treatment plant and skiing slope in Copenhagen, the 2 World Trade Center in New York, and the experimental...

DKK 299

a+t 52 Paradises - Urban Park Strategies. Through a selection of projects, the magazine identifies and analyses design strategies with which to create accessible, natural paradises for the urban dweller.

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