Okamoto Shoten - pouch S - Ishiwaarare

DKK 180

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Okamoto Shoten - pouch S - Ishiwaarare. The pouches are made in southern Japan using an ancestral traditional weaving technique.

Okamoto Shoten - pouch S - Ishiwaarare

"kasuri" pouches reflect a unique traditional technique.

The originality of kasuri lies in its creation process: instead of printing the motifs on the fabric after it has been designed, the threads are dyed beforehand.

This traditional method gives kasuri patterns slightly blurred edges, offering an aesthetic that is both distinct and ancestral. Each pattern, with its softly blurred contours, tells a story of patience, precision and craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation.

ProducentOkamoto Shoten, Japan
DesignerKurume Kasuri Technique
Dimension16,2 x 11,3 cm