50 Urban Blocks 2

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How to use Form, Floor Area Ratio & Density. 

50 Urban Blocks 2

Citadels, Patios, Archipelagos, Amoebas, Snakes, Barcodes, Clusters, Labyrinths, Dice and Chunks are the ideas that inspire this deck of cards.

These urban forms breathe through their openings, through the relationships among volumes, through the participation of emptiness in the composition and through fragmentation. They connect with the environment through unexpected visuals. They avoid individualism and encourage community interaction.

The orientation, free spaces, inner paths, privacy and exteriority of the residential units are the criteria that guide the design.

The relationship with the street is graduated by means of intermediate spaces, pedestrian and green areas that cushion the public exposure of the private sphere.

50 Urban Blocks 2 combines Form, Floor Area Ratio and Density in 50 examples that organize a given block, propose housing units and add space for other uses that boost urban life. Aimed at facilitating the design of a balanced and affordable city.

Format13 x 8 cm
SprogEnglish and Spanish
Forlaga+t publishers
Producenta+t research group